adapted by

Declan Donnellan

from the novel by

William Makepeace Thackeray


Northcott Theatre, Exeter



Richard Baron


Mark Pritchard

Lighting Designer

Matthew Bugg

Composer and Choreographer

Vanity Fair
Martin Parr, Suzy Bloom, Eleanor Moriarty, Hywel Morgan
Vanity Fair
Hywel Morgan, Suzy Bloom
Vanity Fair
Christine Absalom, Martin Parr, Suzy Bloom
Vanity Fair
Hywel Morgan, Martin Parr, Suzy Bloom, Fergus Webster
Vanity Fair
Eleanor Moriarty, Martin Parr
Vanity fair
Suzy Bloom, Martin Parr
Vanity Fair
Hywel Morgan, Eleanor Moriarty
Vanity Fair
Eleanor Moriarty, Fergus Webster, Suzy Bloom, Christine Absalom